Being a visual learner, I have always connected with diagrams and illustrations. As a child, I would comb through encyclopedias and fixate on transparent overlays of things like the human body, plant structures, or the anatomy of a frog. I am still drawn to this type of imagery today. My paintings are constructed in a similar way, often showing multiple views of a single idea. While I aim to represent human emotion, memory and science are common themes in my work.

kate gomez

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I am always looking for ways to draw correlations between my life and nature. The illustrations, diagrams, and topics discussed in science textbooks often provide me with the imagery for my work. By combining the orderly elements of scientific images and ideas, with the expressive nature of painting is what feeds my vision. Further inspiration for my work comes from connecting events and emotions from my personal life to the world around us.My paintings are a representation of layers of thought. These layers are constructed of shallow spaces that simultaneously depict objects in macroscopic, microscopic, and at natural focal ranges. This is a universe where everything is on similar planes. By viewing something in this way, we understand them to a greater degree and expose a broader truth. This truth being, we cannot fully understand things until one sees many points of view. For example, if I were to paint an image of a person, I would try to represent many aspects of who that person is. This includes their outward physical form, their underlying biological make up, and how life events connect them to their place in nature.

I use acrylic paint, fabrics, and textural mediums on canvas. By using drawing tools, embroidery, the layering of fabrics and paint, I create a literal representation of multiple spatial fields. The use of line, compression of space, textural surfaces, and color are all signatures the work that I do. I feel that this technique breaks from convention through its unique composition within the confines of a traditional canvas.

My focus for the past 15 years has been creating mixed media acrylic paintings on canvas. These paintings have been included in various juried shows, exhibitions, and private collections. I have had the opportunity to work on a number of commissioned projects as well. Painting has been an outlet for me to explore things in a new light. I can research an idea analytically, and allow my emotional responses to influence the work. I am able to see how human life is reflected in nature and how we are all connected. I hope that my work expresses a compelling view of the things we feel and see in our lives. For me, the joy of making art comes from its ability to continuously evolve.